Drupal to Blogger migration

Hi all,

in an attempt to get more server-independent, I moved my website from a university-hosted Drupal installation over to blogspot.com.

The reasons for moving away from Drupal were mostly:
  • Bad to non-existing support from university. I basically had to maintain the installation myself, including taking care of system updated for PHP and the like. While drush can take a lot of the burden, I'd been looking for web hosters for a while.
  • Bad spam protection in Drupal. My blog is now reasonably dated, but I would still receive spam somewhere on the site, a couple of times per day. I did plan to force users to log in through OpenID or Facebook before they could post, but then again that didn't seem straightforward to use and to set up.
The first issue could have been resolved by moving the blog over to drupal gardens, but they don't have any import functionality and it looks like it won't be there for a while either (although they keep saying it's "on the road map").

The main reason for switching to Blogger was because it is technically possible. They have a not-too-complicated XML format for importing/exporting blogs, and the drupal_to_blogger exporter was already available for Drupal 6. Based on this, I created drupal2blogger for Drupal 7 which eventually did the job for me.

drupal2blogger is now in the it-once-worked state and is sure rough around the edges. Of course, I'll be happy to incorporate any pull requests from someone a bit less of a PHP/SQL noob than I am.

Anyways: If you're thinking about moving your website away from Drupal to blogspot.com, this is to encourage you. It's not that complicated!