The history of Trilinos visualized

Hi all,

I bumped into gource yesterday, a great tool for visualizing the commit history of a version controlled package.

With Trilinos probably the most established large-scale software package for numerical purposes -- CVS controlled since 1998 and Git since just last year --, I just tried it out on the current Git repository. The results are neat to look at, and tell the Trilinos story from Karen's initial commits to Zoltan to the the plethora of packages being worked at by plenty of developers at every day. [Update:The development of Zoltan, ML, and Moocho have started independently, and when Trilinos was born their commit histories were merged into Trilinos'.]

Try this at home!
To watch the magic happen you need of course gource itself, and to create a video a decent version of ffmpeg/libav. While in the Trilinos Git tree, execute

gource -1280x720 --seconds-per-day 0.001 --hide filenames,progress -r 25 -o - | avconv -r 25 -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i - -pre libvpx-720p -b 5000K -an -y trilinos.webm

More details to be found on gource's own Wiki.