otfinst rewrite

Hi all,

I recently ran into some issues with installing fonts in LaTeX (sheesh...) using Marc Penninga's autoinst, but thanks to Marc's very quick fixes, most of it has been sorted out pretty quickly; I suppose there will be a new release of autoinst sometime soon.

Anyhow, autoinst is written Perl which means that once I try to tweak it, it'll probably format your primary hard drive instead of converting fonts. :)

It's Python twin brother, John Owens' otfinst seemed stale for a couple of years now, so with my newly gained mad Python skills™, I tried to improve it here and there. Well, what can I say? Programming in Python is great fun, so I' basically ended up in rewriting most of the existing code. :) One of the many benefits that you get now is a command line help,

Usage: otfinst.py [options] font[s]

This is a description.

--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-e ENC, --encoding=ENC
use encoding ENC
-b BER, --berryname=BER
use three-letter font Berry name BER
-d, --dry-run print what commands would be used, but don't actually
execute them
-v, --verbose print status messages to stdout
-q, --quiet don't print status messages to stdout
-x OPT, --extra=OPT extra options to be passed to otftotfm
-s, --short-names use old-style short variable names internally (e.g.,
pagr8t for Adobe Garamond, Regular, Cork encoding)
-l, --long-names use long variable names internally (e.g., pagr8t for
Adobe Garamond, Regular, Cork encoding)

which makes the thing somewhat more usable for Otto Normalverbraucher -- you, that is :P -- I hope.

For bug reports or suggestions, contact jowens@ece.ucdavis.edu or nico.schloemer@gmail.com.

[Update:If you'd like to get a notion of what the code currently looks like, take a peek at its page on Google code.]

Anyhow: If you had issues with installing your font with otfinst in the past, then now is the time to do something about it! You could help by either testing the thing (don't be too harsh for now, though, it's still a baby) or fly with us and code! Some Python expertise would certainly be helpful.

Comments and suggestions very welcome!