matlab2tikz v0.0.5 released

The next version v0.0.5 of matlab2tikz has just been released to the wild.

The script has undergone significant changes in large parts and can now deal with more MATLAB® plots than ever. For example, support for zplane plots and frequency response plots has been added. Also, thanks to verbose user input, a number of bugs with existing functionality has been fixed.

New command line options are:
  • silent (boolean, default false): be less verbose with warnings.
  • imagesAsPng (boolean, default true): when plotting images and color bars, create a PNG image that is inserted into the TikZ plots instead of imitating the image with little rectangles
  • minimumPointsDistance (numerical, default 0.0): Minimum distance for two points to be plotted separately. Can be used to artifically reduce the number of points in a plot.
  • extraAxisOptions (cell or char, default {}): Extra options that will be appended to each axis.
For more info and downloads, see the matlab2tikz page.