Auto 1 fonts for LaTeX v0.1 released

[Update: With the advent of LuaLaTeX and its OTF capabilities, TTF font support packages such as the one described here have become obsolete.]

The University of Antwerp's corporate design font is Underware's Auto. Actually, it ships in three different variants (Auto 1, Auto 2, Auto 3 -- how imaginative!), the first of which is used most often in all documents.

To date, there hasn't been proper LaTeX support for this font, which is why I decided to create a LaTeX layer for Auto 1 which enables you to use the font which you need to purchase before within the popular typographers' environment.

One needs to say that Auto 1 is not exactly a bargain: 200 Euro cost the most basic variants in a single user licence (19/06/2009).

Unfortunately, the University of Antwerp doesn't provide free access to the font for its members, which results in everyone's using the fonts they like for all sorts of official documents (mostly Verdana, and -- sigh! -- Comic Sans).

Should this situation change in the future, though, or if you happen to own the font already, there's no excuse anymore for not producing high-quality documents with it. Go ahead and check out its LaTeX support page.

Happy TeXing!