Welcomo bugzilla: The new inofficial UA issue tracker

After around six months with Mantis as the primary inofficial bugtracker, we made the move over to Bugzilla.

Mantis has done a nice job in organizing what was required, but its interface appeared somewhat unfriendly for the average submitter. Also, the shiny new Bugzilla allows for somewhat interesting features.

A key point is that LDAP authentication now works smoothly, meaning that all UA members can login to the system with their regular UA username/password combination. Also, helpdesk@ua.ac.be will now be kept regularly updated on the progress of the reports.

The hope is that the easy-to-squash bugs will finally get noticed, and more sturdy cases will receive attention over a longer period.

So, let's keep up the spirit for a 100% bug-free UA infrastructure! ;D