New server here!

No doubt that it took the ICT worker bees quite some time to get the beast up, but now, the new departmental server is finally here!

Some four, five months after its delivery, all the software has been installed, all (?) users moved their data, and and symlinks have been reset to access out new FreeBSD-driven powerhorse. Did you notice a speed update on website loads on*? Well I did! :D

Well I don't wanna say too much, but with approximately one hundred gazillion yottabyte (YB) of hard drive space, there is lots of room for your uploads and comments. For UA members, more detail can be found at


PS. Well there's one odd thing, don't get confused about it as much as I do: The name of the server -- I might refer to it in the future -- is 'macos'. That's right. Has nothing to do with Apples' MacOS, though, it rather stands for MAthematics and COmputer Science...