matlab2tikz v0.0.2 released

After around two months of development, the next version v0.0.2 of matlab2tikz has been released.

The script was extended in all directions and is now able to transform even more of your MATLAB plots into TikZ/pgfplots format. Among the new features are:
  • support for quiver plots (those with many arrows, vector fields),
  • support for bar plots (grouped, stacked, all you want),
  • support for stem plots,
  • support for stairs plots,
  • improved aspect ratio handling,
  • improved color handling,
  • improved plot options handling.
On top of that, there is now intial support for
  • images,
  • polar plots,
  • rose plots,
  • compass plots.
They are not yet feature complete because of shortcomings in either MATLAB or pgfplots. The next versions of matlab2tikz will either provide workarounds or proper solutions, depending on whether some bugs get fixed upstream.

For more info and downloads, see matlab2tikz' page.


  1. Dit vind ik nog altijd een hele goede versie!


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