Linux pages: wikification!

Well, I admit that it's not exactly convenient to edit a website without actually knowing what kind of syntax the system administrator chooses to provide. For this reason, I made the (freely editable) pages in the Linux section comply to the Wikimedia syntax.

Now, for example, blocks of code need no longer be included in obscure
environments, but Wikimedia's [...] can be used. How nice!

Please refer to the respective section in the MediaWiki Handbook for more details.

What's still to come

You will notice that not all elements can be used quite seamlessly. For example, the environment is completely out of order. This because -- you guessed it -- this is not a Wiki site, but a Drupal one. And the corresponding modules (read: filters) that make it act like a Wiki are not (yet) feature complete.

In the future, I'll put some effort into making even easier editable, so stay tuned for more while you're improving the Linux pages like crazy! ;D