Drupal theme: Universiteit Antwerpen v0.0.1 released

When in need for a web page in the corporate design of the UA, you don't have many choices nowadays except sticking to the UA's very own web page creating point-and-click tool. I won't go into the details here, but for many reasons the resulting page is quite dissatisfying.

You might want to use other tools to create you web page, but then you will have difficulties sticking to the official UA theme -- in case you find that important at all. :)

Today, I released a so-called theme for the content management system Drupal, which by the way started its development here in Antwerp. With the UA theme, it is possible to use the power of Drupal while still preserving the original UA look of your pages. To start off, you need a running Drupal installation which is not overly hard to set-up. Now, go get more info! Yeay!