Bug tracker online

As you might already have noticed, I installed a Mantis bug tracker at http://win.ua.ac.be/~nschloe/other/bugzilla/.

I mainly took action out of sheer laziness: I had some issues with my UA e-mail account, reported that about half a year ago (by regular mail), but nothing happened until now. Instead of digging in my mails over and over, things are now collected at one place. – Apparently, the ICT itself doesn't provide this kind of service.

Of course you're invited to follow the bugs (RSS is available) and submit your own (after you got yourself a user name) if you feel something needs improvement around here.

I'd like to point out that the tracker is not official, meaning that ICT staff are not forced to try to fix the bugs! It has been indicated to me, though, that the ICT is interested in the issues their users have; the tracker will hence not go unnoticed. ;)


PS. As a sidenote, I found Mantis to be particularly easy to install and set-up, and although I can't really say anything about how powerful it is, I'd like to recommend it to anyone who wants to build in tracker in like ten minutes.